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Crypto Apes is a collection of 7,000 unique, randomly generated warrior apes roaming on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 NFTs.

Every Crypto Ape is unique and programmatically generated from over 230+ possible attributes and traits like background, fur, clothes, mouth, head, face, eyes, and more. Some apes are rarer than others, however, all are of extreme rarities.

Owning an Ape gives you an unprecedented advantage and exclusive access to an infinite number of members-only benefits spanning the digital world, the real world, and the metaverse.

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Launch Date


Total Token Supply


Price Per Token


Max Tokens Per Person


Mint an Ape

Set to launch In the second quarter of 2022, you will be able to mint up to 5 Crypto Apes NFTs while paying the gas price for only 1 NFT. Join the crypto apes in dominating the metaverse 🥽

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Join us on Discord

Our community is growing bigger every day!

Let's be the first community with 1 million members!​​​


Origin story

About Crypto Apes

For thousands of years, the apes ruled over Xena. Thriving and abundant, they were the strongest species in the universe with millions of apes inhabiting the planet.

For generations, armies from neighbouring planets and galaxies ventured into Xena with the hopes of overthrowing the almighty apes and taking control of the fortunes that lie within.

From the hundreds of armies, none ever returned to tell the tale.

The apes were ruled by the one and only Cassius the Conqueror, known to be the fiercest warrior alive. Word spread fast about the success the apes were seeing on Xena, until one day, the Hallowed Horsemen caught on.

The Hallowed Horsemen, an ancient species known for mercilessly destroying planets and galaxies, had received news of the apes on Xena and wanted to put an end to their jest.

The Crypto Apes living on the planet of Xena.webp
The crypto apes and the Hallowed Horsemen facing off.webp

They spent light-years, traveling across galaxies, to the planet of Xena until they arrived to unleash wrath on the lively planet and its lifeform. The apes, dazed with surprise, took any measure to keep Xena safe. Their retaliation led to endless death and bloodshed.

A massive war broke out on the lands of Xena, with both sides sustaining critical fatalities, hundreds of thousands of deaths followed, and yet the battle raged on brutally.

It seemed, for a second, as though the Hallowed Horsemen were coming close to a devastating defeat and so their warlord, Vultron the Vanquisher, made an unexpected call to fall back.

The apes, slim in numbers, celebrated with the hint of energy that remained within them, after all, they had come out victorious against the Hallowed Horsemen.

Families ran out of their homes, only to see the lifeless bodies that lay across the land, and the apes who remained, scarred from a battle well fought.

The apes had thought it was all over until a terrifying roar echoed, charging up from the skies.

It was the Orbital Blast - an infamous weapon used by the Hallowed Horsemen to wipe out entire planets.

Furious by their defeat, Vultron the Vanquisher fired off the Orbital Blast and wiped out Xena for good.

All that was left in the wake was a tiny orb in which the remnants of the planet, Xena, remained.

With 100 barely surviving the fallout, they found themselves pixelated, stuck in a digital realm where their planet was the size of a ball.

The Crypto Apes planet gets destroyed by the orbital cannon.webp
The Hallowed Horsemen putting the Crypto Apes planet onto a shelf with other conquered pla

In a desperate attempt to save the apes from mass extinction, Cassius the Conqueror made it his mission to rebuild their army, rally in numbers, and retake what is rightfully theirs.

Thousands of years later, the next generation of apes was born.

7,000 new apes rose from the ashes of their ancestors, with Cassius the Conqueror itching to lead the upcoming revolt against the Hallowed Horsemen.

They were no longer just 'the apes', they were now The Crypto Apes.

Will you join The Crypto Apes in escaping the orb and taking back what the Hallowed Horsemen had stolen from them?


Club member benefits

Owning a Crypto Ape doesn't just mean you own another NFT. Your token doubles as a membership to the space club. Unlock exclusive, long-term benefits, including passive income opportunities when you join the thriving Crypto Apes community!

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7,000 ultra-rare Crypto Apes tokens to be collected and traded (Insane future roadmap)

Crypto Apes Club - coin image.webp

One mint, Fair Launch, fair distribution: All apes cost the same on a Gas-efficient contract

Crypto Apes Club - Hammer image.webp
Crypto Apes Club - planet image.webp
Crypto Apes Club - gift image.webp

Ownership & commercial usage passed to the NFT holder. Help us shape the future!

The Space Club: a community-owned Metaverse plot where we're rebuilding the Crypto Ape's home

Token holders participate in online & offline events, giveaways, airdrops, and more. We are a truly community-driven project

Crypto Apes Club - ape crown image.webp

Long-term benefits & roadmap development: The community grows with the Crypto Apes. Become a key decision-maker


Who The F**k Are We

We're not going to sit here and tell you we were "Devs @Amazon", or we were the "lead artists @Netflix", or whatever all the other collections tell you. We're just a few guys with a big f**king vision!

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  • Blogger
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Mohamad Alasadi

Blogger at This is only the start of something massive. Join a community that will revolutionize the blockchain. Join us in building the next Disney.

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Brandon Martins

We don't just want to build an NFT collection. Starting with the apes, we're planning on building an entire ecosystem and reimagining the future of the digital world.

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GIRA (Artist)

Best artist in the metaverse! The goal is to dominate the metaverse and make the Crypto Apes Club and our community the most successful project... EVER!!

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The Community (You) 

We want Crypto apes to be the Metaverse. Thanks a bunch for all of your support in helping us bring this project to life. Who knew we'd all end up here! Let's be Metaverse frens :)

Marketing team

Conor Noone

Marketing Head

Shane Joshua

Marketing Manager

Marius Aucamp

Paid Ads & Copywriting


Content creation


Paid marketing

Jack Milton

Collab Manager & AMAs

Community Team


Community manager





Our values


The Roadmap

Here are the ideas the apes have in mind that will evolve over time into a movement, not just some tokens. When the apes have a plan in mind, they always pull that sh** off! So get ready to strap in, it's about to be a f**king long, and bumpy ride


  • You've probably heard "we're community-focused" about 1069 times already. To be honest there is no other way to put it. The goal is to make our drop wildly successful so we have the freedom to develop Crypto Apes further. We guarantee future returns and an all-around immaculate experience for our holders - we're building a place where you can truly belong. No other community is thinking as big as us.


  • We're so confident we can pull off our long-term goals with this project that we've already planned out our future. All NFT holders will be whitelisted for our next drop as a token of appreciation for your early support (I could cry right now 😢)

  • We introduce the vault: A fund that will be used to further develop the project and make donations to charity that members of the community pick out


  • Member-Exclusive Crypto Apes Merch Store gets unlocked, featuring Limited Edition clothing items in the real world

  • Later opens up to the public community with the aim to strengthen the Crypto Ape's forces and act as a bridge into an NFT-related clothing company


  • Five lucky Crypto Apes holders will receive $10,000 each

  • Holders are automatically entered into future giveaways, events, and drops that trigger quests and community missions


  • Crypto Apes gets their own dedicated 24/7 live radio on Youtube for the community to listen to LoFi music and relax to some heart-warming animations

  • We begin working on a community project early, before the end of roadmap one (I promise you'll love this 😆)


  • The Niftybator: We know the name sounds weird so let's explain! The Niftybator is a Crypto Apes-owned incubator that helps other collections, celebrities and projects get up and running by helping them in return for exclusive benefits for YOU - Our community! This is a great way to ensure our community keeps thriving while giving back to other hustlers out there


  • The Metaverse project begins & the first club opens up!

  • Begin works on roadmap 2.0 with the help and input of the community to steer the direction of the story

  • Collaborations with other projects, brands, and games (for in-game skins and assets)

  • New 3D collections while we further develop Crypto Apes

  • We introduce our parent company which will become the Web 3.0 version of Disney

  • We start planning the Crypto Apes Hedge Fund (More on this soon 🤫)

  • NFT software & SaaS with $$-sharing capabilities to help the community launch projects

  • We start the development of NFT & metaverse Games

  • Much more to come...



Join us on Discord

Our community is growing bigger every day!

Let's be the first community with 1 million members!​​​

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